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                      CLASS -XII                     UNIT-III         YOGA AND LIFESTYLE TOPIC -Meaing of yoga , Asanas as Preventive Measure & Importance of Yoga Link- 👇

CLASS-11 th UNIT -1 Various Physical Education Courses in india

  Various Physical Education Courses In India NAME OF COURSE- 1- Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.E./B.P.ED.). 2-Master of Physical Education (M.P.E./M.P.ED.) 3-Postgraduate Diploma in Fitness Management (PGDSM) 4-Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Journalism(PGDSJ) 5-Master Degree in Sports Coaching. 6-Diploma Course in Sports Coaching. 7-Certificate Course  in Sports Coaching. 8-Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Medicine.

CLASS-11 th Physical Education Career Options

  Career Options In Physical Education 1-As a teacher of physical education. 2-As a coach. 3-As a Physical Training Instructor. 4-As a Fitness trainer. 5-As a Specialist of Game. 6-As a Yoga Teacher. 7-As a sports Journalist. 8-As a Physiotherapist. 9-As a Biomechanics. 10-As a Employee. Career option in the field of physical education were limited to teaching or coaching.the rising interest in sports has raised the need for various trained sports professionals. More over institutions such as the YMCA,y w c a and other commercial clubs have made physical education programs popular among the masses.     the development of various sub discipline in the field of physical education has open various career opportunities in sports psychology, sports medicine, sports administration and management etc.     Thus,a variety of career option are available in the field of physical education one must be well-acquainted with his/her strength, availity,goals and preference in life while deciding which

CLASS-11Physical Education Unit-1 Explain of objective

A brief description of these objective is given below- Physical Development- According to this objective, body should grow in a proper way, physical activities help in developing the body. Our emotion r e is a kind of machine which grow and develops with physical activities.Physical development's improve our Nehru muscular responses and leads to maximum organic development. Psychological Development- This objective helps to the psychological balance of an individual, mental progress. This objective directs the growth and development in a sequential manner. The development gives identity to one's personality by good behaviour. Social Development- This objective develop the social qualities like cooperative behaviour, friendship, togetherness, honesty, tolerance, adjustment, leadership, boldness and self discipline etc.      This objective help to stop the evils aur society and bring up the progress of the community. Emotional Development- Emotion are very important part of optim

CLASS-11 Unit-1 Objective of Physical Education

Objective Of Physical Education- From the objectives given by different educationist we can conclude that there are four objectives of physical education : 1- Physical development. 2-Psychological development. 3-Social development. 4-Emotional development.


Aim of Physical Education According to J.F.WILLIAM-- "Aim of physical education is complete living through wholesome development of humen personality." According to Central Advisory Board of Physical Education- "The aim of physical education to make every child physically, mentally and constitutionally fit.To devlop in him such personal and social qualities that help him to live happily with others and build him into a good citizen."

CLASS-11 Physical Education UNIT-1 Definition

  Unit-1 Changing Trends  &Career in Physical Education Physical education is the process of education through to exercise and games that are focused on developing physical fitness.   Through physical education, students develop the basic movement skill like throwing, catching, climbing etc as well as the advance skill required to play sports such as football, cricket, athletics etc According to J.B.NASH- Physical education is that field of education which deals with big muscles activities and their related responses. According to R.CASSIDY- Physical education is the sum of change in the individual caused by experience involving motor activity.