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                      CLASS -XII                     UNIT-III         YOGA AND LIFESTYLE TOPIC -Meaing of yoga , Asanas as Preventive Measure & Importance of Yoga Link- šŸ‘‡

CLASS-12th Unit-1 LeĆ gue Tournament

  League or round Robin tournament League tournament is also called 'Round Robin Tournament'.Mr.Berger was the first person to imagine the league tournament and owing to that,this tournament is also called 'Berger System'.      According to this tournament, each team plays with every other team once if it is a single tournament.   If it is a double league tournament,each team plays with every other team twice.   In these types of Tournament,every team plays with every other team irrespective of victory or can be called the best type of Tournament.   TYPES  OF LEAGUE TOURNAMENT-- There are two types of league Tournament,which are mentioned below- 1-SINGLE LEAGUE TOURNAMENT-- in the single league tournament, every team play with every other team once and the number of matches is determined with the help of the following formula-            N(N-1)/2 2-DOUBLE LEƀGUE TOURNAMENT- In the double live tournament ,every team plays with the other team twice.    The numbe

CLASS-11 th Physical Education Unit-1 khelo India program

  Khelo India programme- The importance of sports and fitness in one's life is invaluable. Playing sports inculcates team spirit, develop strategic and analytical thinking, leadership skills , goal setting and risk taking.A fit and healthy individual leads to an equally healthy society and strong nation. The khelo India programme has been introduced to revive the sports culture in India at the Grass root level by building a strong framework for all sports played in our country and established in India is a great sporting nation.     In this respect, January 31, 2018, Prime minister , Narendra Modi launched the first khelo India games (KISG) at the Indira Gandhi indoor stadium in New Delhi.    Mission of khelo India programme; Grass-root talent Hunt---- The purpose of launching the khelo India programme is to revive the sports culture in India at the grass-root level which can be achieved by constructing a framework for all the sports played in India. This will help in making our co

CLASS-11 th Physical Education Unit-1 Sports Tournaments

  The ministry of youth affairs & sports and India Olympic association (IOA) recognise the following sports Tournament- 1-Olympic games. 2-World cups 3-Commonwealth games. 4-Asian games. 5-Test  matches/One day/International matches in cricket. 6-World University/International tournaments/Games. 7-Asian federation Cup/Tournament/Championship/SAFgames. 8-Asian school games. 9-International meets/Championship  10-National championship . 11-Inter -State championship organised by the national federation. 12-Inter- University tournaments organised by the association of Indian uuniversities 13-Senior/Junior nationals/Federation Cup organised by the federation. 14-National championship/Cup/Tournament for seniors/Juniors. 15-State championship/Tournaments for seniors/Juniors. 16-Inter College tournament organised by central/State University. 17-District sports tournament by district sports department. 18-CBSE cluster/Zone tournament.