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                      CLASS -XII                     UNIT-III         YOGA AND LIFESTYLE TOPIC -Meaing of yoga , Asanas as Preventive Measure & Importance of Yoga Link- 👇

Class-12 Unit-2 Sports and Nutrition-The pitfall of Dieting

  Now a days everybody wants to remain slim and trim.People who are overweight use various methods to lose weight.   Most of them adhere to dieting.   In the beginning, dieting produces good results . But after initial success it adds more weight later on. An individual who is overweight wants to reduce weight and thus starve for reducing.    Some harmful effects of dieting are :- 1-Skipping Meals. 2-Not Performing Physical Activity. 3-Risk of Obesity. 4-Muscles become weak and lose muscle tone. 5-Not eating for long hours reduces blood glucose levels. 6-Dieting leaves stretch marks on the Body especially, in the thigh and belly. 7-Not Exercising. 8-Slimming Pills. 9-At the end of the dieting programme, the metabolic rate of the body becomes lower than that before the programme.

Class-12th Unit-2 Sports and Nutrition-Method to control Healthy Body Weight

  If a person is overweight it becomes for him/her to lose weight in order to remain healthy and reduce chance of diseases like hart diseases, high blood pressure.    To maintain a desirable body weight,one has to change his/her eating habits. Attempt to lose weight quickly often result in loss of water and proteins the body.     This is not a good way to reduce weight as once such practices are stopped the body regains the lost body weight.    The following steps can help I controlling and maintaining body weight:: 1-Balanced Diet. 2-Eating lot of Fibrous Food. 3-Avoid Fats. 4-Physical Activity. 5-Avoid Junk Food. 6-Drink Water. 7-Avoid Spicy Food. 8-Regular Medical Checkup. 9-Medicine Only by Doctor's Advice. 10-Avoid Pitfall . 11-Stop Emotional Eating. 12-Avoid Drinking. 13-Meals in Small Shifts. 14-Do not fast. 15-Follow Hygiene habits.