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                      CLASS -XII                     UNIT-III         YOGA AND LIFESTYLE TOPIC -Meaing of yoga , Asanas as Preventive Measure & Importance of Yoga Link- 👇

Class -12 Unit -3 Yoga and Lifestyle -Asanas As Preventive Measures

ASANAS AS PREVENTIVE MEASURE:-  Today health problem are mostly related to the lifestyle of the people . We cantinuously Strive for success, and in the process,suffer from physical and psychological stress.  We find it difficult to devote time to words maintaining our health and fitness.  The main factors responsible for such disease, are physical inactivity ,inappropriate work hours, bad food habits and wrong body posture.   The practice of yoga gives relief from various ailments. It is necessary to adopt yoga in our everyday life.   Main Aasan have great curative preventive and therapeutic effects . These can cure and prevent many chronic health problem or disease such as- 1-Orthopedic Related - Aasan can prevent and cure money Orthopaedic related health problem like Kyphosis,round shoulder ,lordosis , scoliosis, Knock -knee , bow legs, flat foot ,neck spondylitis etc. 2-Diet Related -  Asanas can prevent and cure many diet related health problem like diabetes ,obesity underweight, c

Class -12 Unit -3 Yoga and Lifestyle -Benefits of Asanas

  BENEFITS OF ASANAS- The regular practice of Asanas is useful for healthy mind and body the benefits of Asanas are as follows - 1- They help discipline our mind. 2- They boost immunity. 3- They are best for correcting postal deformities. 4- They develop our respiratory system and strengthen our lungs. 5- They help in purifying blood and controlling blood pressure. 6- Proper functioning of digestive organs. 7- Good posture and toning of body muscles. 8-Prevents premature ageing. 9-Cure Disease. 10- develops concentration. 11- Release stress and tension. 12- Improves cardiovascular and respiratory system. 13- They develops different aspect of our body and mind. 14- They develop different types of skills. 15- Away from cardiac problem. 16 -Efficiency of Excretory System Enhance. 17-Glandular Activity is Stimulated and Regulated Properly. 19-Nervous System Strengthen.

Class-12 Unit -3 Yoga and Lifestyle -Classification of Asanas

  Classification of Asanas -- Asanas can be classified as : 1-Meditative Asanas- meditative Aasan improve the meditation power and relax our body and mind. They are normally done in a quiet and peaceful environment. some example are padmasan and Sidhasana. 2-Relexative Asanas-:- Relaxative asanas  are used to fight fatigue and energise the body.  These Aasan relax our body and mind.   Shavasan and Makarasana are example of relaxative asanas. 3-Corrective  Asanas- Practising these asanas corrects postural deformities like Kyphosis and Lordosis , Halasana, Bhujang asaan and  Chakrasana ,are example of such asapas.

CLass-12 Unit-3 Yoga and Lifestyle -Importance of Yoga

  Importance of Yoga-- Yoga is a science as well as an Art of  living for a healthy .   Regular practice of yoga develops and purifies body and mind to its optimal level.    It develops proper functioning of glands in balanced form.   It cures many chronic diseases to benefit health of the individual.    The effects are as under- 1-Improves Cardiovascular and Respiratory System. 2-Removes Orthopedic Problem. 3-Cures Diseases. 4-Prevents Premature Ageing. 5-Improves Health and Hygiene. 6-Relieves Stress and Tension. 7-Control over Sense Organs. 8-Away from Cardiac Problem

Class 12 Unit -3 Yoga and Lifestyle -Meaning Of yoga

  The word 'Yoga' has been derived from the sanskrit word Yun which means to unite ,add or bind .In bhagwad Gita, yoga is described as skill full completion of a task.    In other words , yoga is the Union of the body mind and soul.    Adopting the practice of Yoga in our daily life improves the overall fitness of an individual in hands physical and mental strength increase flexibility ,correct posture, relieves stress and establishes inner peace .     Meaning Of Yoga The origin of the word yoga is from Sanskrit word 'yug' which means'to join' according to Patanjali--- the meaning of the word Yug is to stabilize the mind for the union of Atma and Parmatma . in simple words yoga is a way to join God. Swami Digambar ji, described  " Yoga  is union of atma and Parmatma " Gita describe  yoga as "evenness of temper". Shankracharya says , "Yoga is withdrawal of sense organs from the worldly objects and their control."   I ca. Say that ,yo

Class-12 UNIT-2 Sports and Nutrition -Food Intolerance

  Food Intolerance- Food intolerance refers to inability to digest a particular kind of food .This intolerance is often due to reaction to some chemical components of diet.    Food intolerance is a term used widely for varied physiological responses associated with a particular food.  In simple words ,food intolerance means the individual elements of certain foods that cannot be properly processed and absorbed by our digestive system.   The problem arises when  a person consumes large amount of specific food whereas less amount  of same food can be tolerated and digested. Symptoms- It show the symptoms like vomiting, nausea ,pain in joints , headache ,rashes on skin etc. Some of the naturally occurring food chemicals that are capable of causing intolerance  and reactions are : 1-Antioxidants. 2-Digestive enzymes. 3-Sulphites. 4-Salicylates. 5-Amine. Management- The person should meet expert Doctor for their food intolerance and follow the instructions as given by Doctor or Dietician.