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                      CLASS -XII                     UNIT-III         YOGA AND LIFESTYLE TOPIC -Meaing of yoga , Asanas as Preventive Measure & Importance of Yoga Link- 👇

Class-12 UNIT-4 Physical Education and Sports for CWSN-Hearing Disability

  LEARNING DISABILIT It affects a person 's thought processes, personality an dc memory resulting,for example,from an injury to the brain. Cognitive Disabilities are kind of impairments present in people who are suffering from dyslexia and various other learning difficulties and includes speech disorder.  Mental illness can include stress related condition,major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety,and schizophrenia. Depression is the most common non-psychotic mental illness. 1.Psychological Disorders 2-Affective Disorders 3-Personality disorders 4-Schizophrenia 5-Intellectual Disabilities   A learning disability may make it difficult for a person to take in information and communicate what they know. Learning difficulties can causes difficulties in reading, writing or mathematics. 

Class-12 UNIT-4 Physical Education And Sports For CWSN-Hearing Disability

HEARING DISABILITY  Hearing disability include people that are completely or partially deaf, people who are partially deaf can often hearing aids to assist their hearing.   Definition can be evident at birth or occur later in life from several biologic causes,for example Meningitis can damage the auditory nerve of the cochlea. Deaf people use sign language as a means of communication.   Hundreds of sign language are in use around the world. Sign language are as rich and complex as any oral language, despite the common misconception that they are not" real language".

Class -12 UNIT-4 Physical Education and sports for CWSN-Vision Disability

 - VISION DISABILITY- There are hundreds and thousands of people that suffer from minor to various serious vision disabilities or impairments. These injuries can also result into some serious problem or diseases like blindness and Ocular Trauma,to name e few.Some of the common vision impairment included scratched cornea, scratches on the sclera, diabetes related eye conditions,dry eyes and corneal graft. TYPES OF VISUAL IMPAIRMENT-- 1. Strabismus- Where the eyes look in different direction and do not focus simultaneously on a single point. 2. Optic Nerve Hypoplasia- Which is caused by underdeveloped fibers in the optic nerve and which affects depth perception, sensitivity to light ,and acuity of vision. Cortical of the brain related to vision,not to the eyes itself.