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                      CLASS -XII                     UNIT-III         YOGA AND LIFESTYLE TOPIC -Meaing of yoga , Asanas as Preventive Measure & Importance of Yoga Link- 👇

Class-12 UNIT-4 Physical Education and Sports for CWSN-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)- OCD is a type of mental disorder that causes repeated unwanted thoughts. To get rid of the unwanted thoughts, He/she performs the same activity again and again. For example, a person may fear that anything he/she touches has germs on it. So, to get rid of that fear he/she washes his/ her hands again and again.Persons suffering from OCD might understand that their obsessions are unreasonable ,but trying to stop or ignore them causes anxiety and stress. There are some symptoms of OCD, which may range from mild to severe . Symptoms of OCD- 1. Checking things repeatedly. Persons with OCD are not able to control their activities or thoughts and feel the urge  to perform compulsive rituals. 2.Cannot focus on specific matters. 3- Consider their own thoughts to be unpleasant and embarrassing. Causes of OCD- The exact obsessive compulsive disorder is still unknown.  Research studies suggest that there may be a problem with the way one part of the brain sen

Class-12 UNIT-4 Physical Education and Sports for CWSN-Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

  Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)- ODD is a type  of mental disorder in which the individual opposes others become angry ,irritable and argues for anything and everything.   Symptoms of ODD- 1.Frequent outbursts of anger and resentment. 2.Repeated temper tantrums. 3.Acting in a way to annoy others. 4.Being spiteful and seeking revenge. 5.Tendency to blame others. 6.Feeling of frustration and annoyance. Causes of ODD-  1-Genetic  2-Biological  3-Environment factors Management of ODD: 1-Counselling 2-Family Therapy  3-Meditation 4-Social Skills Training