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                      CLASS -XII                     UNIT-III         YOGA AND LIFESTYLE TOPIC -Meaing of yoga , Asanas as Preventive Measure & Importance of Yoga Link- 👇

Class-12 UNIT-4 Physical Education and Sports for CWSN-Disability Etiquettes

  Disability Etiquettes- Disability etiquette is a set of guidelines dealing  specifically with how to approach people with disabilities - 1.Talk directly 2.Offer to Shake Hand 3.Relax while Assisting or Helping Them 4.Speak Clearly and Slowly/Sign Language for hearing Disabled. 5.Offer for help or assistance. 6.Listen them carefully. 7.Don't touch or lean on wheelchair. 8-Address them by their first name as with others. Some etiquette- Wheelchair etiquettes Visual disability etiquettes Hearing disability etiquettes Speech disability etiquettes Learning disability etiquettes

Class-12 UNIT-4 Physical Education and Sports for CWSN-Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD)

  Autism Spectrum Disorder- Autism spectrum disorder (ASD )is the name for a group of development disorders.  ASD includes a wide range and levels of disability. People with ASD often have these characteristics like : Ongoing social problem that include difficulty in communicating and interacting with others. Repetitive behaviours as well as limited interests or activities.  Symptoms that are typically recognise in the first two years of life.  While Autism has many challenges, people with Autism  may also have their unique strength. For example, they may have above average intelligence,be excellent at Mathematics, Science or arts and be strong visual and auditory learners. Symptoms of autism- 1. Inability to express their needs ,emotion and experience. 2-Can not develop friendly or social relation with others. 3- Repeat words and action. 4-They are sensitive to smell,taste and Sound. Causes of autism- 1.Genetic factors 2. Physical factors 3-Psychological factors 4-Social factor Manage