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                      CLASS -XII                     UNIT-III         YOGA AND LIFESTYLE TOPIC -Meaing of yoga , Asanas as Preventive Measure & Importance of Yoga Link- 👇

Class-5 Children and Women in Sports-Factors Affecting motor Development

  Factors Affecting Motor Development- 1.Multi Activities 2.Interest and Attitude 3.Proper Training 4.Safety Measure 5.Rest and Relaxation 6.Sex difference 7.Mental Abilities 8.Body Weight 9.Regular Practice 10.Disabilities and Diseases 11.Parents and Heredity 12.Nutrition 13.Immunisation 14.Environment 15.Psychological Feedback

Class -12 UNIT-5 Children and Women in Sports -Motor development in Children

  Motor Development in Sports: Motor development refer to the development of a child's bones, muscle and his or her ability to move around and manipulate his or her environment . in simple words ,motor development means the development of various motor abilities from birth till death.  In other words, motor development is the progressive change in movement throughout one's life. As a matter of fact,  The ability to move is essential for human development . Various motor development or motor skills are essential for everyday life activities such as sitting ,walking ,running ,climbing ,catching are holding jumping ,skipping throwing.  Motor development can be divided into two types gross motor development and fine motor development.  Gross motor development- It involves the development of large muscles in the child's body specially while sitting ,walking ,running ,climbing, etc. Fine motor development- It involves the small muscles of the body, especially during the small mov