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                      CLASS -XII                     UNIT-III         YOGA AND LIFESTYLE TOPIC -Meaing of yoga , Asanas as Preventive Measure & Importance of Yoga Link- 👇

Class-12 UNIT-5 Children and women in Sports-Lordosis

  LORDOSIS- Lordosis is the inward curvature of spine.  In fact it is an increase forward curve in the lumbar region. It creates problem in Standing and walking.  The body seems to be stiff lordosis can be corrected in the early stage . In order to maintain the balance of the body, the long spinal muscles of the lower part of the spine, remain in a constant state of contraction and therefore, get tired easily. This result in excessive hollowing of the back and the lower back aches. CAUSES OF LORDOSIS- Generally, imbalance diet,improper environment, improper development of muscles obesity and disease affecting vertebrae and spinal muscles are the causes of lordosis.  In addition to these causes, not performing exercise and eating excessive food are also the major causes of lordosis. PRECAUTIONS- 1. Balanced diet should be taken. 2. Excessive intake of food should be avoided. 3. The body should be kept straight while caring weight. CORRECTIVE MEASURES- In this deformity of lumbar spine t

Class-12 UNIT-5 Children and Women in Sports -Postural Deformities and their Corrective Measures

  Spinal Curvature : This types of deformity is related to the spine . This deformity is caused by carrying excessive weight beyond one's capacity. The normal lumber spine is characterised by a moderate anterior hyperextension,when viewed laterally .  There are three types of spinal  deformities. 1.Kyphosis 2.Lordosis 3.Scoliosis              -KYPHOSIS- The position or posture of the body un kyphosis or Round back deformity is as given in figure.   In this position ,there is an increased curvature  of the dorsal or chest region.   In order to adjust the balance of the body, the head is held in forward position and pubis  or the front central portion of the pelvic region is tilted back.  The knees are slightly bent and feet are turned outwards to balance the body on a broader base.             CAUSES- It causes hump at the back of Body.Thus, shoulder comes forward  and neck drops forward.This postural deformity causes convexity of thoracic cage.Thus, body weight is shifted forward.