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                      CLASS -XII                     UNIT-III         YOGA AND LIFESTYLE TOPIC -Meaing of yoga , Asanas as Preventive Measure & Importance of Yoga Link- 👇

Class-UNIT-5 Children and Women in Sports Topic-Scoliosis

  Scoliosis- Scoliosis is a postural defect in which there may be one single lateral curve extending through the whole length of the spine or there may be two curves, one main and the other compensatory curve. Causes- The main cause of scoliosis deformity are difference in leg length; undeveloped legs or backbone, lifting weight towards one side of shoulder in routine ,disease of backbone etc. Corrective Measure- In this deformity of spine the body weight is shifted to sideward .Thus ,all opposite sideward bending exercise or asanas are helpful for correcting Scoliosis. Some of them are:- 1.Ardh Chakra Asana 2.Trikon Asana 3.Tarr Asana 4.Chin-ups